Amy Grant - put on your "dance" mix shoes

Amy Grant – put on your “dance mix” shoes

Amy Grant is all in on “In Motion: The Remixes:” a danceable remix CD of some of her songs, to be officially released in August.
“I never could have anticipated that these songs from an earlier chapter in my life could be filled with such renewed energy and fresh production,” was the singer’s first statement about the project.
Songs like “Baby Baby” and “Every Heartbeat” are re-spun by some of the industry’s top pop music producers.
Don’t worry – they’re not remixing “Ed Shaddai”. But some of her other songs that get the treatment are “That’s What Love Is For,” “Love Will Find A Way” and “You’re Not Alone.”
The “Baby Baby” remix is now available for online listening at

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Phil Wickham - the surgery now behind him

Phil Wickham – the surgery now behind him

Singer-songwriter Phil Wickham, who had vocal surgery in late April, will be singing full concerts for the first time in a string of shows this weekend (6/20-21).
After a period of vocal rest, doctors have inspected Wickham’s vocal chords via camera and have given him a clean bill of health.
“There is almost no sign of the surgery, which is pretty rare,” blogged the singer.
Wickham sang at a music festival in Ohio Thursday night (6/19), and then has two concerts in Arizona over the weekend.

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Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann

Gospel singer Tamela Mann and her husband – actor David Mann – will get a new reality show based on their family and careers.
Next year the B.E.T. network will begin airing “Meet The Manns,” which will encompass their life together and include their five children and eight grandchildren.
The pair has acted together before in a comedy TV series, the Tyler Perry-produced “Meet The Browns.”
Tamela is an award-winning gospel singer, and her version of the MercyMe classic “I Can Only Imagine” topped gospel charts earlier this year.
Her signature song is the rousing ballad, “Take Me To The King,” which was nominated for a Grammy as well as several other awards.



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The title of the new CD is "No Other Name"The worship band HIllsong Live, composed of members of the multi-campus Hillsong Church, has officially changed its name to Hillsong Worship.
The newly-named group is releasing its latest album – “No Other Name” – on July 1, the same time as the church’s annual Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia.
The 11 new songs are from the same pool of worship leaders that have written songs on the last number of albums, including Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding. That pair is responsible for writing the oft-covered modern worship anthem, “Mighty to Save.”

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Francesca Battistelli, one of numerous artists heading up tours this fall

Francesca Battistelli, one of numerous artists heading up fall tours

Christian music concert tours coming this fall:
(perhaps to a city near you!)
*Francesca Battistelli, Sanctus Real, Jon Bauer
*Building 429, Love & The Outcome, Cadence
*VeggieTales Live “Silly Song Sing-Along”
*Hawk Nelson, JJ Heller, Finding Favour
*Josh Wilson, Citizen Way, Dan Bremnes
*Newsboys, Family Force 5, 7eventh Time Down
(confirmed Nov. 8 in Muskegon, Mich.)

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The Chapman flight

The Chapman flight

Steven Curtis Chapman and family flew across the Pacific Ocean to China on June 11.
The family will be visiting Maria’s Big House of Hope, the special needs children medical-residential facility in Henan Province.
The six-story facility is named in honor of Maria Sue Chapman, the youngest of the Chapman’s three adopted Chinese daughters who died in a car accident in 2008.
The family will also be visiting several other clinics and locations in China.
“Praying for big things” said the artist.




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A concert poster in Brazil

A concert poster in Brazil

Before the busyness of soccer’s Word Cup began, the quartet Avalon visited the nation of Brazil, singing in several concerts and appearing at other events.
A highlight was the singers performing the praise chorus “I Love You, Lord” in Portuguese.
“One of my favorite moments in concerts there was when everybody else was singing to Jesus in their own language,” remarked Avalon singer Greg Long.



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Britt & AmyBritt Nicole used a “throwback Thursday” to post side by side photos of herself and fellow singer Amy Grant, each wearing a leopard print jacket.
“Never saw this until now,” tweeted Nicole.
“Me and @amygrant…same hair, same jacket. I’m truly a child of the ’80s.”



Grant wore the jacket for the cover photo on her 1985 “Unguarded” album, which included the Christian radio hits “Find A Way” and “Sharayah.”


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Josh Engler (foreground) and Audio Adrenaline

Josh Engler (foreground) and Audio Adrenaline

You probably have already got wind of the news: Audio Adrenaline has a new lead singer – Josh Engler (formerly with Abandon) – following the amicable departure of Kevin Max to pursue a solo career.
Audio Adrenaline is moving to more “vertical-based” music approach, partnering with Teen Mania’s Aquire the Fire events, and expanding their worship program.
Max, who fronted the re-formed A.A. for the last several years, already has a solo album in the works (“Broken Temples”) and a new song “Infinite” which will be on iTunes June 10.
Kevin moved to Nashville from his hometown of Grand Rapids three years ago to be part of the rebooted Audio A.
Kevin’s sensitive statement: “After dc Talk, I went through a period of finding myself and learning the hard way that without a team around me, left to my own devices, I could easily get lost in myself. Lost in my own ego, God found me and broke me of my pride. He then brought me back to Nashville. I have spent the last two years being refined and restored. I feel revitalized.
I am excited about what is around the corner for my family, friends and the music that God continues to gift us with. I have no desire to run from Nashville. I have no desire to run from what I have continued to pursue in the Christian Arts. If anything, I feel that these last two years have given me the tools and desire to make the best art I can within this industry. One of the first dc Talk monikers was ‘if it’s Christian, it ought to be better.’ That is my new goal and again more than ever, a slogan in my life.
I, Kevin Max, promise to dive deep into music, poetry, stories and imagination, but most of all into the web of wonderful relationships and people that God has brought into my life on this amazing journey of the soul.”
See the new lyric video for “Infinite” at:

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photo provided by Pepsi

(photo provided by Pepsi)

For the second consecutive year some cans of Pepsi products in select Midwest states will feature Christian music artists.
Beginning this fall, more than 25 million cans will bear the images of four well known artists in Pepsi’s Mid American region of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee.
For King & Country (including their band logo) will be on Pepsi cans, Casting Crowns on Dr. Pepper, Britt Nicole on Mountain Dew cans, and Josh Wilson on cans of Diet Pepsi.
Last year, singer-songwriters Francesca Battistelli and Matthew West were among a group of artists that were honored with photos on Pepsi products.

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